In January of 2013 Sustainable Food Production members built three shade houses for the Love A Child organization in Haiti. Here are two videos showing the work they completed.


Jerry Lantz, the Global Compassion team and the many volunteer organizations that have packed food for Kids Against Hunger can celebrate as the meals are being delivered!!! It takes a lot of people with a strong commitment to make sure that those less fortunate and hungry have a chance to avoid malnourishment. These packets of Rice and Soy are a true blessings to the coastal communities in the Northwest of Haiti.



Where does modern technology fit in on the seashores of Haiti? Just ask Lonnie Farley. Lonnie was able to connect with his son’s 4th grade classroom via SKYPE one morning. The South Callaway RII School District classroom asked great questions about Lonnie’s experience in Haiti and what the culture was like in Haiti. Assisted by a team interpreter, Raymond Delorme, Lonnie was able to teach the group some Haitian Creole as well as answer the great questions from the class