5th Annual Make a Difference Day

On June 3rd Kids Against Hunger St. Peters held its 5th annual “Make a Difference Day”, on the property we affectionately call the Kids Against Hunger “HQ”! We appreciate the Lantz’s for hosting this event yet again, as we are seeing growth in both giving and participation each year!

Our goal this year was 50,000 meals, which came to $15,000 (or, .30 cents per meal). I walked up to the KAH HQ early that morning to begin setting up signs, and preparing to pack 41,000 meals based on the giving that had taken place leading up to the event. It wasn’t an hour and a half into the event before the remaining $3,000 + had been given! We ended the day with $15,123.09 given towards packing food for our partners we serve in Haiti! We packed just over 50,000 meals in two and a half hours!

One of the most encouraging things to experience with Make a Difference Day (aside from the faithfulness of God in providing) was the more than 200 volunteers that showed up to pack the food. There were all ages and backgrounds represented, in an effort to put together a resource that will allow our partners in Haiti to continue serving the extreme poor. Our food gives them a tangible need to provide many starving people something so desperately needed, and an introduction to being able to declare the good news of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for those who gave money, time, and abilities to come out and serve with us. It was a picture of what the church is called to do: actively participate in God’s mission to restoring all things back to himself. Kids Against Hunger does this through serving the extreme poor in Haiti. We thank you for accepting our invitation to becoming an active participant in the kingdom of God in your community!